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Team Building

Our team building events put your employee’s problem solving, initiative and communication skills to the ultimate test.

Solving puzzles, unravelling clues and questioning suspects, murder teams will compete to solve the crime and present their conclusions. Our unique events provide your employees with an unforgettable experience, that achieve individual and team development goals, while having fun. 

All our bespoke events are facilitated by Fellows of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD), supported by one of our professional acting teams. 

For groups of 8 to 80+

Murder Squad (within Venue)

A murder has occurred! Team members must work together to solve clues, interrogate suspects, solve the crime and present their findings. With a prize for the winning team (1/2 day)

Murder Hunt (Venue + local village/town)

You’ve met the villagers and heard them quarrel and now a dead body has been found! The clues were there, but how good were your listening and observation skills? The suspects have scattered, the hunt is on. Solve the clues to track them down and bring them in for questioning. Then problem-solving skills at the ready as members of your team combine their strengths to solve the crime, present their findings and win the prize. (full day)


 With opportunities for individuals and teams to reflect on and improve their communication, collaboration, planning and problem-solving skills, within a safe supportive environment, your employees will gain a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues.

As an organisation you will benefit from:

  • Improved working relationships
  • Enhanced team bonding
  • more effective communication
  • Increased motivation

leading to greater productivity and performance.

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