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New Forest Hampshire Team building Murder Mystery Events from MurderedforMoney
'The MurderedforMoney team were brilliant! I would highly recommend' 
Vie Portland
Vieness Business Owner

With our unique blend of theatrical and staff development expertise, the award-winning MurderedforMoney team is delighted to provide team building challenges, across Southern England and virtually across the world. 

Facilitated by Bridget Wilkinson, Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Learning and Development,  our bespoke team building challenges events are great fun and will put your employee’s problem solving, initiative and communication skills to the ultimate test. An unforgettable experience that will be talked about for years. 

Venue challenges


Working against the clock your detective teams will need all their wits about them to solve puzzles, unravel clues, uncover evidence,  interrogate suspects and solve the crime.  

A bespoke experience

Prior to the event, your facilitator will contact you to discuss the learning and development priorities for the day. You may wish to offer your employees a fun event to reward then for their hard work and demonstrate how much you value their contribution. You may also want the event to address specific team issues such as poor communication, problem solving or time management. 

Having understood your priorities for the day, our staff development specialists will tailor puzzles and experiences to ensure they meet the needs of the individuals, team and your organisation.

Benefits for individuals, teams and your organisation

To solve the crime and catch the murderer(s) your employees will need to work together, identify and utilise individual and team strengths, communicate effectively, plan and manage time well, multi-task, problem solve and demonstrate excellent presentation skills. 

With opportunities for individuals and teams to reflect on and improve their communication, collaboration, planning and problem-solving skills, your employees will gain a better understanding of themselves and their colleagues whilst having a huge amount of fun. 

As a result your organisation will benefit from:

  • Improved working relationships
  • Enhanced team bonding
  • more effective communication
  • Increased motivation
  • Enhanced performance

New Forest Hampshire Murder Squad Team building Challenge from MurderedforMoney


A half day challenge which can be take place indoors or outdoors at a venue of your choice.   

A body has been found and the game is afoot! Can you work together to solve clues, interrogate the suspects, solve the crime and catch the killer!

Fee*– from £1995 for up to 24 delegates, plus an additional cost of £30 per extra head over 

New Forest Hampshire Murder Hunt Team building Challenge from MurderedforMoney


A full day challenge which can take place indoors or outdoors in one of three beautiful villages in the New Forest, Hampshire..        

A body has been found but the suspects have scattered, follow the clues to find them then work together to solve the crime! 

Fee* – from £2400 for up to 24 delegates, plus an additional cost of £40 per extra head over 24.

What to expect on the day

On arrival your employees will be greeted by the facilitator and split into teams (max 8 people per team).The format for the event, objectives, timescales and scoring system will then be explained.  This will be followed by a period of live interactive theatre performed by our actors culminating in a body being found! (Da Da DaH!)

It is then over to the teams to solve the crime and present their findings. To do this they will need to examine the crime scene carefully, solve puzzles, unravel clues, find and interpret evidence, question suspects, make their decision and prepare and deliver their solution. With further live action from our acting team throughout the event,  key facts and important clues can be  revealed at any time, so watch and listen at all times. 

With points scored for all puzzles and activities completed successfully, there is everything to play for.

Group Size

For groups from 4 to 80. 

*Please note that the above costs are for facilitation and acting services only. They do not include venue or catering costs. We would be delighted to contact our partner hotels for you, to confirm their best package price for venue, catering and accommodation (if required).

‘ I can honestly say it was the best event I have ever been on. Bridget has a natural style that puts everyone at ease and fosters an atmosphere of learning, support and collegiality. She is outstanding at staff development'
Dr Judith Holloway
University of Southampton

Our recommended partner hotels for Murder Hunt

Murder Mystery Event venue for MurderedforMoney Forest Lodge Hotel Lyndhurst
The Forest Lodge, Lyndhurst
Balmer Lawn hotel Murder Mystery Event venue for MurderedforMoney
The Balmer Lawn Hotel, Brockenhurst
The Montague Arms hotel Beaulieu Murder Mystery Event venue for MurderedforMoney
The Monatagu Arms, Beaulieu

Virtual challenges

If your delegates are geographically dispersed or unable to meet in one venue, why not bring them together online. Following the format of our best-selling interrogation events, teams will receive video footage and clues to a crime and puzzles to solve. Competing against the clock and the other detective teams they must unravel the clues, sift the evidence and review the footage to determine who among the suspects may have the means, motive and opportunity to kill. 

With questions that still need answers, it is now time to interrogate the suspects live via zoom. Listen carefully and use skilful questioning to reveal new information and break alibis, before deciding who-dunnit and submitting your solution. With a prize for the winners, and criminal(s) that needs to be behind bars, the honour of the team is at stake!

The time period over which the footage and clues are shared with participants is entirely flexible depending on the needs of the organisation and time available.

Time commitment:

    • Activity 1: Watch footage, solve puzzles and consider clues: Approximately 3 -4 hours.
    • Activity 2: Live zoom interrogation:  90 minutes
    • Activity 3: Presentation of conclusions and grand reveal: Approximately 1 hour depending on number of teams

All three activities can be combined into a one day event, or spread across a number of days to sort the organisation and time available.