Murder Mystery Storylines

Below you will find details of our storylines which are available to hire in virtual and live performance formats for private parties and celebrations, corporate entertainment, and charity fundraising. Team Building versions are also available for virtual events across the world and live events in the New Forest, Hampshire. 

If you are seeking a bespoke murder mystery for a very special occasion, please contact us regarding our script writing service. 

Our mysteries vary in complexity of story, clues and puzzles, from a gentle storyteller (sleuth level), to a cunning crime (super sleuth level) and on to our brutally baffling (master sleuth level) mysteries.  If you are unsure which to choose contact us as we will be happy to advise. 

Available for private hire

Hattie Blotter and the Philanthropist's Groan

Hattie Blotter and friends welcome the public to Hogweed's School of Magic and Mystery with devastating consequences.
Venue format only (ages 12+)
Written by Bridget Wilkinson

Murder on the Disoriented Express

All aboard with Hiccup Poirot as you join the passengers of the Disoriented Express in this lavish tribute to Agatha Christie's masterpiece. Family secrets, intrigue and suspense surround you as you journey on the most luxurious train in the world!
Written by Bridget Wilkinson

Available for venue and virtual productions

Mystic Murder

Laura Dent thinks it will be fun to visit the fortune teller, Mystic Myrtle. But all is not as it seems and their meeting sets off a chain of unfortunate events and ultimately result in a death! 

Written by Richard Adams 

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level)

The Rotten Egg

The Chocolate Box shop sells the most scrumptious of chocolates, but now it is at risk. When a body is found at the village fete thank goodness Miss Marbles is on hand to help you solve the case. 

Written by Bridget Wilkinson

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth)


Killing Thyme

It is the annual Fete and Vegetable Show and the prize for the most impressive vegetables is being fiercely contended. A delightful summertime comedy that ends in death!

Written by Lesley Gunn 

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level) 

Sudden Death at Thornbury Manor

The year is 1929 and at Thornbury Manor, home of the Matravers family, all is not well. Lies, deceit, treachery and fraud are rife and soon a body will be found. 

Written by Chris Lewis and Carol Hutton 

Gentle storyteller (Sleuth level)

Movies, Mobsters and Murder

Come with us back to 1928 Hollywood where Katsby is hosting one of his extravagant parties. Glitz, glamour and gangsters all the way, with an added touch of murder.

Written by Bridget Wilkinson

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level)

The Gateau from the Chateau

A comedy spoof murder mystery tribute to TV’s comedy ‘Allo ‘Allo.  featuring all the familiar faces, not to mention the bratwurst sausage, the limp celery and the egg whisk.

Written by Bridget Wilkinson

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level) 

An Educated Murder

The year is 1946, the Place, Grimside Private School where the  finances are in a perilous state. With hidden secrets, accusations flying and crimes underway, it’s not long before a body is found!

Written by Eric Peterson

A Gentle Storyteller (Sleuth level)

A Brush with Death
1923, Dowager Lady Dorothy Rothersfield’s two children, nice but dim Lord Anthony, and the ditzy Annabel believe they will inherit her fortune so when she changes her will the plotting begins.

Written by Lesley Gunn

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level)

Strictly Murder

Squabbles over sequins, frenzies over feathers,
and a tussle with the tango is to be expected but
nobody would ever have thought it would end in a
murder on the dance floor!

Written By Lesley Gunn

A cunning crime (super sleuth)



It is the Monsters’ AGM and their leader, the notorious Granny, is going to announce her retirement. Everyone wants to be her successor and will go to any lengths to ensure they get the job….

Written by Steve Clark and David Lovesy

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level) 

Death by Diamonds

The secret service, diamonds and the National Truss all mixed up with golf clubs, real historical links and uninvited guests. One of our more complex mysteries

Written by Bridget Wilkinson

A brutally baffling mystery (Master sleuth level)

Murder at the Ratz Hotel

In London’s Mayfair sits the five star Ratz Hotel. A beacon of tradition and elegance, but with a new manager about to announce his radical plans, that is all about to change, for the worse!

Written by David Lovesy and Steve Clark

A Cunning Crime (Super sleuth level)

It's My Party and I'll Die If I Want Too

Constance Moaning, constantly moans so she is furious when her friends and family throw a surprise party for her. Described as Agatha Christie visits Fawlty Towers.

Written by Bridget Wilkinson

A gentle storyteller (sleuth level)

It's Beginning to Look a Lot like Murder

Santa returns to judge the Toy of the Year competition. With an elf, fairy, snowman and reindeer all after the life changing prize there is going to be trouble!

Written by Bridget Wilkinson

A festive family mystery with something for everyone from the beginner to the Master Sleuth.


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