Virtual Events

In March 2020 MurderedforMoney began to entertain audiences in the virtual world with public and private parties, corporate entertainment and team building challenges. Recognised by The Telegraph as one of the top 20 virtual entertainments available in 2020 we have been delighted to each out to audiences across the world. On this page you will find details of the format of our virtual events as well as details of forthcoming public virtual mysteries. 

How does a virtual murder mystery event work? 

Prior to the event

Your guests will receive three sets of video footage, clues and puzzles relating to the crime. These can be viewed at a time convenient to individuals or at a set time agreed by yourself. Usually the emails are sent out one per day for the three days immediately prior to the interrogation event, however this can be adjusted depending on the preferences of your guests.

The day of the event

On the day of the live interrogation your guests will join the detective and suspects live, via Zoom video conferencing, to solve the crime. 

You and your guests will be welcomed into the Zoom conference by the detective who will explain the format of the event. If you are playing in teams, your host will then place each teams in a separate virtual meeting rooms to discuss clues, initial theories and prepare lines of questioning. (approx 20-30 minutes)

After this preparation time, you have two options.

Option 1: Your host will bring everyone back into the main interrogation room where you will be joined by the detective and suspects. You will  have up to 45 minutes to interrogate the suspects. 

Option 2: Suspects will rotate individually or in pairs between the breakout rooms so they can be interrogated by smaller groups of guests 

Whichever approach you choose:

  • Be sure to watch and listen very carefully:
  • Use skillful questioning to reveal more clues and break or confirm alibis
  • Observe the body language for clues as to who may be lying

Following the interrogation your guests/teams will have between 20 and 30 minutes to discuss what they have heard and to agree and submit their answer to the question(s) who-dunnit and why.! 

When all solutions are in, all will be revealed and the winners announced.

Time commitment: Approximately two and a half hours 

Preparation: Due to the complexity of our mysteries, we recommend team members get together online/phone prior to the interrogation event to discuss their thoughts and theories. 

What our customers say:

“The challenge was fun and exciting. Many thanks and congrats to the team for putting on a great experience”

 Really enjoyed the challenge, great acting and live entertainment. What a lovely way to spend time, puzzling, thinking, debating! Bravo! 

Hire Fee: Please email for a bespoke quote

Public Virtual Events


It is the winter of 1923 and the provisions of the Late Lord Ernest Rothersfield’s will, which includes a generous allowance for his two children and instructions for the disposal of the estate upon his wife’s death, are only valid for a few more weeks.

The family and close friends of the Dowager Lady Dorothy Rothersfield are gathering at the family house for a family portrait. When she announces her plans to change the will and potentially disinherit her children, tempers fray, accusations fly and plotting to ‘do away’ with the Dowager begins.

Are any of the odd-ball family actually capable of planning, let alone carrying out a murder?

When a death occurs, Inspector Harry Moody, and local Police Constable Joe Sullen, despite their own peculiarities, are tasked with muddling their way through the odd family and finding the culprit or culprits! They are going to need your help.

Described as Gentleman Jack and Downton Abbey meet the Pink Panther. This delightful comedy mystery is a must for lovers of family dramas, crime fiction, silliness and fun.


  • Video footage
  • Clues
  • Puzzles
  • Live suspect interrogations (optional)
  • prizes (overall winner £50 Amazon e-voucher)

Charity Partner

This event is fundraising for Age Concern Hampshire


  • Public interrogation tickets: £9 per household plus voluntary donation of £1, £5, £10 or £20 to our charity partner. (+Eventbrite admin fee).

Play at your own pace

With new clues and video footage issued daily, play along each day, or binge watch everything at a time convenient to you.

What our customers say

It was a fabulous experience and immense fun! Highly recommendable!!

Engaging, witty and draws you in! Excellent and interactive production

What a welcome addition to our long lock down evenings. Thank you for getting our brains working and our suspicious minds racing.

Great fun and linked us as a family over the miles having fun when we couldn’t visit.


  • Overall winner – £50 Amazon voucher (winner to be chosen at random from all correct who-dunnit entries received)
  • Master investigator – £20 Amazon voucher for the most thorough explanation of how and why the murder(s) were committed.
  • Certificates – For everyone who correctly identified the killer(s)

More information and to book


The year is 1929 and at Thornbury Manor, home of the Maltravers family, all is not well. Lies, deceit, treachery and fraud are rife and soon a body will be found. A real treat for lovers of Downton Abbey, Upstairs Downstairs and Agatha Christie mysteries

Jump forward to the present day to a TV programme based on the events of that fateful night in 1929. Watch the performance, receive copies of evidence gathered by the police all those years ago, question the suspects then decide who-dunnit and why. Will you reach the same conclusion as the police did in 1929, or do you think someone else was involved?


Written by Chris Lewis and Carol Hutton, and adapted for virtual performance by Bridget Wilkinson, this production will be performed by freelance actors in lockdown. Spread over the weekend with clues to unravel, video footage to analyse, suspects to question and prizes to be won.


**Video footage

**Clue sheets

**Crime scene photography

**Question and Answer sessions

**Full instructions


Starting on Friday 25th June 2021. Recommended for ages 14+

On Friday evening and Saturday morning you will receive by email video footage, evidence, clues and information to view at a time convenient to yourself, then on Saturday night take part in the ‘live’ Q & A session with the suspects, via zoom, before submitting your answer on Sunday for a chance to win a prize.

Tickets are £12 per device (+Eventbrite admin fee).

Please note: In order to take part in the challenge, your device will need to have the facility to play video. This could be a phone, ipad, laptop, computer etc..

What our customers say about our online events:

It was a fabulous experience and immense fun! Highly recommendable!!

Engaging, witty and draws you in! Excellent and interactive production

Everyone involved made such a great effort. The challenge was fun and exciting and very much needed as a distraction in the current situation.

Many thanks and congrats to the team for putting on a great experience.

This was a great self-paced mystery with an interesting story line. Complex enough to keep you thinking but not impossible to give us hope. It was entertaining to watch the characters live during the interrogation!

Thank you for getting our brains working and our suspicious minds racing.

great fun and linked us as a family over the miles having fun when we couldn’t visit.

Q: Do I have to play at a particular time each day?

No, if you register to take part, you will receive an email each day containing new clues and video footage. You can choose to view and discuss the materials sent at anytime convenient to you.

As part of the production we will be hosting live suspect interrogation sessions (via Zoom video conferencing). We hope you will join us and ask your questions, however for anyone who is not able to attend, or would prefer not to, a video of the sessions will be made available afterwards, so you will not miss a thing. By taking part in the live interrogation session you are giving your agreement to being recorded and having the session placed as an unlisted youtube video for the period of one week.

Optional: Please also follow our Facebook group. Details provided with your ticket purchase.

Prize: £30 Amazon voucher (winner to be chosen at random from all correct who-dunnit entries received)

More information and to book