Virtual Murder Mysteries

At the moment, due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we know you can’t  come out and see our theatre productions. However, this doesn’t mean that the fun has to stop, it just means that we need to go virtual! Below are details of the four different types of events we offer in the virtual world. 

Private Events

Your own exclusive full murder mystery performance

Our professional acting team and  event host will join you and your guests on Zoom for a virtual performance of one of our award winning productions. Lasting approximately two and a half hours, this is our luxury package, featuring live action from the acting team, clues,  interrogation of suspects and prizes.  (The timing of this event can be adjusted to fit around a meal). Perfect for a very special birthday, anniversary or wedding celebration. Please call for a bespoke quote. 

“Everyone involved made such a great effort. The challenge was fun and exciting and very much needed as a distraction in the current situation. Many thanks and congrats to the team for putting on a great experience”.


“Engaging, witty and draws you in! Excellent, interactive production”.

                                   “It was a fabulous experience and immense fun! Highly recommendable!!”

Live interrogation parties / team challenges

Our popular interrogation parties, involve video footage and clues relating to the crime being sent out to your guests on the morning of the event or, if you prefer, the day before. This gives everyone ample time to watch the story and consider the clues. In the evening, you and your guests join the suspects and Inspector Corner of the Yard live, via Zoom. After 30 minutes together to catch up and finalise your questions, Inspector Corner will lead you and your guests in a live interrogation of the suspects.  Following the interrogation (usually 45mins -1hr), you will have time to discuss what you have heard before submitting your solution. The Inspector will then reveal all.  Once the murder mystery is over and the actors depart, you and your guests then have the option to stay on Zoom for as long as you would like, so you can chat and catch up.  Perfect for parties, team challenges and rewards. You can play as one big group or be split into teams for added competition.  (For up to 50 staff / households)

I am very happy to stumble upon this Murder Mystery Event. I live in the United States and I am definitely looking forward to more events.

A great way to enjoy a murder mystery from the comfort of your own home, involving all the family. Excellent storyline and characters, would certainly want to see a live show by the organisers once we can!


Hosted party / team challenge

For those looking for something on a smaller budget, we are delighted to offer our hosted parties. A hosted event uses Zoom and follows the same format as an interrogation party, however rather than a live interrogation, your Murderedformoney host will invite you to watch a pre-recorded interrogation of the suspects. Following the interrogation your guests/staff will have 30 minutes to discuss and submit their solution. During this time the host is available to help and guide you, if you would like them to. Once you have submitted your answer, all will be revealed. When the murder mystery is over, you and your guests/team  then have the option to stay on zoom for as long as you would like, so you can chat and catch up into the evening.  Perfect for parties, team challenges and rewards. (For up to 50 staff / household

Great fun and such a brilliant idea! Great script and wonderful actors – thank you!

Really enjoyed the challenge, great acting and live entertainment. What a lovely way to spend time, puzzling, thinking, debating! Bravo! 

Public Events

Public Isolation challenges

Being in isolation is not easy.  To help everyone through these difficult times, we are delighted to offer  our seven day public murder mystery challenges at the special Isolation price of £5 per household. Our hope being that we will entertain and bring light relief to as many households as possible during these challenging times. 

Our next challenge starts on the 28th May 2020. For more information and to register please visit

“What a welcome addition to our long lockdown evenings. Thank you for getting our brains working and our suspicious minds racing”.

“Great fun and linked us as a family over the miles having fun when we couldn’t visit”.