Virtual Murder Mysteries

In March 2020 MurderedforMoney began to entertain audiences in the virtual world. With exclusive theatrical performances, private parties, team building challenges and our fundraising public events, we are thrilled to be reaching out and connecting colleagues, family and friends across the world.

Private events

Exclusive performances

Our professional acting team and event host will join you and your guests on Zoom for a virtual performance of one of our award winning productions. Lasting approximately three and a half hours this is our luxury package, featuring a live theatrical performance, clues, interrogation of suspects and prizes.  *The scheduling of the production can be adjusted to accommodate a three course meal.  Perfect for a very special birthday, anniversary or wedding celebration. Please call for a quote.

Interrogation events (bestseller)

With video footage and clues relating to a crime sent out to your guests in advance of the main event, you and your guests join Inspector Corner and the suspects live, zia Zoom, for the interrogation!  With skillful questioning you can uncover more vital clues and confirm alibis, then work individually or in teams to review the evidence and decide who-dunnit and why'. With a prize for the winner and the option to stay on zoom after the event to catch up these events are perfect for parties, team challenges and rewards.  *Ask us about our charity fundraising interrogations.

Recorded / hosted packages

Working individually or in teams, your guests receive all the footage and clues as above then instead of joining a live interrogation of the suspects they receive a passcode to a recording of the police interrogation of the suspects. Having watched the interrogation, your guests join Inspector Corner, live via zoom, to discuss their theories and submit their solutions. When all answers are in, all will be revealed and certificates awarded. Perfect for those seeking a challenge on a smaller budget.

Public events

As baking fever hits the country, the final of the baking competition is about to be judged at the annual village fete.

With the title of Crabblebottom’s best baker at stake there is everything to play for, but when a surprise judge is announced, tempers fray, secrets are revealed and murder comes to Crabblebottom!

Will the Murderer(s) be caught? Their fete is in your hands!

With video footage to watch, clues to unravel , evidence to sort, suspects to interrogate and a chance to win a £50 amazon voucher. The game is afoot!

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Six days of monstrous mayhem and murder in the run up to Halloween.

It is the night of the Monsters’ AGM and their leader, the notorious Granny is going to announce her retirement. Everyone wants to be her successor and will go to any lengths to ensure they get the job….

Featuring Dracula, The Bride of Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, Wizards, witches and more, the event is lighthearted and fun for all. (we promise no horror or gore!)

Played over six days at times convenient to you, with a live interrogation on Friday 30th October. Join our award winning team online to watch the evidence, examine the clues, interrogate the suspects and catch the killer(s)

Written by By Steve Clark and David Lovesy and adapted for the virtual world by Bridget Wilkinson

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Starting on the 27th October, with video footage and clues will be sent to you each day and a live interrogation of the monsters to take part in on the evening of Friday 30th October.

Join us if you dare!

When news of a German spy reaches the platoon, it’s rifles at the ready for some comedy chaos and murderous mayhem, but whatever you don’t panic. in this lighthearted nostalgic week long challenge with the Home Guard.

With video footage to watch, clues to unravel , evidence to sort, suspects to interrogate and a chance to win a £50 amazon voucher the game is afoot!

This is a comedy, codebreaking challenge with lots of clues and puzzles for you to solve!

£9 per household

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Gather your family and friends together across the miles for 4 days of festive fun and murderous mayhem in the virtual world!

A real treat this Christmas from the award winning MurderedforMoney.

Join Santa as he returns to earth to judge the Toy of the Year competition. With a reindeer, fairy, elf and snowman as the four finalists, what could possibly go wrong…?

Put your detective skills to the test as you receive daily video footage and clues, then on Saturday evening interrogate the suspects, before submitting your solution with the chance to win some festive goodies!

Tickets £15 per household .

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