Murder Mystery FAQs


How long does a murder evening last?

With guests arriving at 7.30pm, the evening will last for about 2 and a half hours, depending on how interactive your guests are with the actors.

What will happen at the murder mystery?

Murder mystery dinners are usually set around a meal, with action taking place between courses, this can be a formal dinner, buffets, BBQs, hog roasts, bar meals, an afternoon tea or even a fish and chip supper.

However, not all our mysteries involve a meal. You may wish to choose one of our theatrical experience mysteries, where we will transport your guests into a village fete, radio studio or drama rehearsal.

Our actors will play the main characters in the plot revealing clues and potential motives throughout the evening.

It is entirely up to you how much you want to participate. You can chat and interrogate the main characters throughout or if you prefer simply just sit back and watch.

As the event progresses, one or more murders will occur. Depending on the plot, the death may take place in full view or happen in another room. At this point, the police will be called and suspects grilled by the audience. Only the murderer can lie, all other suspects must tell the truth, so listen closely.

Having interrogated the suspects and heard the ‘summing up’ from the police, it will be up to you (or your table) to guess Who Dunnit and Why! You will be invited to write down your answer and hand it in. The closest answer to the truth will be awarded a prize.

Are the murders suitable for small children?

Please be aware that in most of our murder mysteries there is likely to be some shouting which may be upsetting for small children. Themes such as drugs, affairs, murder, betrayal, and jealousy are likely to feature quite highly. Therefore. as a rule, we do not recommend our murder mysteries for children under 14.

We do have a number of murder mysteries specifically for children, please contact us for more details.

Will I have to act? 

No, our actors will do the acting for you. Some guests love to get actively involved and interrogate suspects, whilst others may prefer to sit back, watch and solve clues. Either stance is perfectly fine.  Our actors love to interact with guests, however, we are sensitive to people’s preferred styles and will never force someone out of their comfort zone.

Additional information for organisers

I am organizing a murder mystery as a school/charity fundraiser, how should I advertise the event?

Ideas for advertising include:

  • Your website
  • Your social media sites
  • Posters around your offices/school
  • In your newsletter
  • Letter home to parents/carers (schools)
  • Feeder school newsletters (schools)
  • Email to all charity volunteers

If you are opening up your event to the public, other avenues include:

  • local radio
  • Posters in nearby shops
  • Free online event listings

To help schools and charities, we will provide a template A4 poster, A5 flyer, ticket and letter that you can add your logo and event details to.

Do we need any special equipment at the venue?

If Murdered for Money are providing catering, the venue must have a fully equipped kitchen which we can access at least 1.5 hours before your guests arrive. For larger venues, a P.A. system may be required.

Do the actors require a meal?

Yes please, usually the actors sit on a table amongst everyone. So they blend in they need to be served as if they were just ordinary guests. This varies for some plots so we will discuss at the time of booking.