What happens on a Murder Mystery

what to expect

Our dinner murder mysteries take place around a meal with our actors playing the main characters in the plot. The story will unravel as you enjoy your meal, with the main characters revealing clues and potential motives throughout the evening.

It is entirely up to you how much you want to participate, you can chat and interrogate the main characters throughout the evening, or if you prefer simply just sit back and watch.

As the evening progresses, one or more murders will occur. Depending on the plot, the death may take place in full view or happen in another room. At this point, the police will be called and suspects grilled by the audience. Only the murderer can lie, all other suspects must tell the truth, so listen closely.

Having interrogated the suspects and heard the ‘summing up’ from the police, it will be up to you (or your table) to guess Who Dunnit and Why!!!! . You will be invited to write down your answer and hand it in, the closest answer to the truth will be awarded a prize.

Please be aware that murder mysteries are not suitable for young children.



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