Mysteries for Children’s Parties and Schools

Are they sitting comfortably? Then let the mystery begin!

MurderedforMoney pirate

Children love mysteries too! In June 2021 MurderedforMoney launched its very first mystery written and directed with younger detectives in mind.

The Mysterious Case of the Disappearing Super Scrumptious Chocolate Cake offers parents, schools and children’s organisations  a mini-mystery package that they can use for education, entertainment or a mixture of both!

The Story

Just as the Fancy Dress Party is about to get underway at MyTown School the lights go out and the Super Scrumptious Chocolate Cake is snatched. The suspects include Mr Lovely (the Headmaster) and a parade of excited children dressed as a Pirate, Clown, Kitten, Puppy and Friendly Ghost. With the help of a ‘Jackanory’ style Narrator, the young audience interrogates the characters and uncovers the clues that will lead them to the culprit.

The Format

Two versions of the mystery are currently available to book:

Version 1: Live Virtual Event

Join the Narrator and characters live on Zoom, listen to the story, question the suspects (using the ‘best questions’ supplied) then work individually or in groups to decide who stole the cake. Once all answers have been collected the thief will be revealed.

Perfect for Children’s Mystery Parties and live school events

Please note: For school events the ‘reveal’ sequence can be supplied in video format to allow extra time for class discussion, activities and decision making.

Version 2: Recorded Event

The story, interrogation, summary and clues will be delivered to you as a sequence of videos. The host is then free to manage the timing of the playback and the distribution of materials to the children.  

Video sequence

  1. Narrator’s introduction
  2. Interrogation of each character
  3. Narrator’s summary of events
  4. The culprit is revealed

If purchased for a party, we recommend the four videos are played over the course of one afternoon or evening with time between for discussing the story and/or other activities. If purchased by a school,  it may be preferred to view the videos over a period of days, perhaps as part of a school project.

For more information and a quote, please email