1920s - The Great Catsby Murder

The year is 1927 and Gray Catsby is hosting one of his notoriously extravagant parties. Anyone who is anyone will be there, but some people won't leave.
Comedy tribute to tv's Allo Allo

Listen very carefully we will say Zis only once.

In a little cafe in occupied France, everything seems to be getting out of control. Come and join all the familiar characters for an evening of pure farce.
Murder on the Disoriented Express'

Little grey cells at the ready mon ami as you assist Hiccule Piorot in our tribute to one of Agatha Christie's greatest masterpieces.
Body in the Bunker

When news of a hidden diamond leaks out at the golf club annual dinner, the race is on to find it. But not all is as it seems and before long the bodies start to pile up.
The Great British Bump Off

As baking fever hits the country, the village fete organisers in the village of Crabblebottom are delighted when celebrity chef Eduardo D’Angelo takes up residence and agrees to judge the annual cake baking competition. But this year there is a change of plan, as the bake-off turns into a bump-off.
A brief Period of Rejoicing

A VE Day party is interrupted when the local black-marketeer is found murdered.
The Little Willey Murders

Players are assembled to hear their director's latest controversial casting choices. But that's not the only shock they’ll get, as there is about to be a murder in the village...
Mates Meet Up

A local school reunion is planned for pupils from the early 1990's. Organised by the popular teacher Fennella Brodie. However, when the old headmistress arrives uninvited, the trouble starts...
Murder at the Manor

It is 1926 at the country estate of of Sir Clive and Lady Clarissa. They are holding a weekend retreat for their aristocratic friends., but arguments disrupt the jolly social occasion and family skeletons are unearthed..
Murder in Hollywood

Megalomaniac film director Mickey Moviemaker has made many enemies in his time and now tensions are rising further as he films his redical reworking of Joan of Arc. Just as the first scene is finished, there is a murder on set, using a vital prop. Lieutenant Oscar Winner of the Hollywood Homicide Squad is called in to investigate.
The Racing Stakes

Jim Carner is one of most successful and richest racehorse trainer, now living in luxury in his Georgian manor. Everyone knows hes made a will, and that his girlfriend, sister, and even his housekeeper have been left a fortune. Is that a motive for murder? You bet it is - it’s a racing certainty!
Pass the Poison

The village hall party to celebrate the retirement of Betty Blocker is interrupted by the untimely death of one of the guests!
Pub Mystery

The landlord has called all his staff together for a meeting to discuss the future of the pub. On the agenda are things such as an increase in prices, the quality of the food, the cleanliness of the rooms and an idea to re-develop the bar area to make it more sociable. It seems set to be a night of business, but soon the business turns to murder...
Murder by Numbers

Everyone in the village who has money has been invited to artist Charles Crimson’s workshop to have an advanced viewing of his paintings and sculptures. An event which should be a social highlight turns to a disaster when...
A recipe for Murder

The Hotel Manager has invited an audience of valued customers to hear his unusual plans for the hotel extension. What should be a celebration quickly descends into chaos when he reveals the unpleasant news...
A Shotgun wedding

It's the wedding reception for entrepeneur John Davenport and his bride, Juliet, thirty years his junior. They're running late and tensions are running high. Insults in the wedding speeches don't help matters, and shortly afterwards, a shot rings out...
Some Anniversary

The 30th wedding anniversary dinner of Clark and Barbara Seville is not a happy occasion. Salted with speeches peppered with barbed comments. The atmosphere becomes increasingly heated, leading to a murder.
Sugar and Vice

The year is 1888 and in the house of a prosperous sweet manufacturer, something stirs. Mrs. Enid Baggins is putting the final touches to the secret recipe for the new Davenport Drops ... but murder is afoot.
The Business of Murder

Sir Alan Sweetener is not a very nice boss, so when he announces he is going to sell the family confectionary business to a company of asset-strippers, everyone (including his own family) has a motive for murder.
The Wedding Reception

The match between Dillon and Lindi is not to everyone's taste, and their wedding brings all the animosity within and between the two families to the surface...
Who Sleighed Santa

Santa announces some unexpected plans for Christmas - so distrubing that members of his entourage are willing to contemplate murder!
Its beginning to look a lot like Murder

Santa returns to Earth to judge the toy of the year competition. With a reindeer, fairy, elf and snowman as the four finalists, what could possibly go wrong.
Beware the Easter Bunny

World famous department store 'Horrids' is about to announce the winner of their Easter Egg of the Year Competition 2018. Will 'Wonky Chocolates' grab the prize for the third year in a row, or will the arrival of the Easter Bunny scramble their dreams
Murder mystery - monsterSCREAM - Dial M for Monster

SCREAM, the Secret Coven Reuniting Evil and Monsters is holding its annual meeting to review the past year's mayhem, Their leader, Granny, the little old lady, who has ruled the organisation with an iron fist, is planning to retire. Who will take over...
Murder mystery - WIDeath of a Well-Spoken Gentleman

The ladies of the Women's Institute are gathering to hear a talk on the history of a local family and their stately home, but there are undercurrents of resentment, jealousy and deceit which soon lead to murder!
Murder is Served

A surprise 80th birthday party for Clarissa Hopgood descends into chaos when Clarissa seems determined to upset her guests. This leads to unexpected revellations about members of the assembled company - and two dead bodies! Described as Fawlty Towers meets Agatha Christie (Modern day theme)

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