SCREAM! Halloween virtual mystery 26-31st October 2021


A family virtual murder mystery challenge for Halloween!



Halloween Virtual Murder Mystery

Five days of monstrous mayhem and murder in the run up to Halloween

It is the night of the Monsters’ AGM and their leader, the notorious Granny is going to announce her retirement. Everyone wants to be her successor and will go to any lengths to ensure they get the job….

Featuring Dracula, The Bride of Frankenstein, Jekyll and Hyde, Wizards, witches and more, the event is lighthearted and fun for all. (we promise no horror or gore!)

Receive daily emails containing video footage, clues and puzzles which can be completed at any time, then on the evening of Saturday 30th October, join us online via Zoom video conferencing for a hilarious live interrogation of the suspects. Submit your solution on Sunday 31st October for a chance to win the prize!

Challenge your thinking with our puzzles and clues, cry with laughter at our live interrogations. Join our online community of sleuths


  • Video footage
  • Clues
  • Puzzles
  • Private Facebook Event Group (optional)
  • Interrogation session (optional) *
  • Full instructions

Recommended for ages 11+

* optional interrogation dress code: Monsters and ghouls


Tickets £15 per household


At 12 O’Clock on Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th and Thursday 28th October 2021 you will receive an email from us containing video footage, evidence, clues and information relating to a monsterous crime.

At a time convenient to yourself watch the videos and considered the clues. You may choose to watch them everyday, or save them up until the end of the week and binge!

Then on the evening of Saturday 30th September, you have the option to attend a live interrogation of the suspects via zoom. With skillful questioning can you break the alibis, observe the tell tale body language of the liar(s) and reveal hidden clues?

Once the interrogation is over you then have until 6.30pm on Sunday 31st to submit your solution to be in with a chance to win a prize.

At 8.30pm all will be revealed in our final email to you, and the winners announced!

Full instructions how to play are sent out to you in advance of the event.

*If Saturday interrogations become full, we may open up additional sessions on Friday evening.


You can play on any device on which you can receive emails and watch Youtube videos. This could be a phone, ipad, laptop, computer etc..


It was a fabulous experience and immense fun! Highly recommendable!!

Engaging, witty and draws you in! Excellent and interactive production

Everyone involved made such a great effort. The challenge was fun and exciting and very much needed as a distraction in the current situation.

Many thanks and congrats to the team for putting on a great experience.

This was a great self-paced mystery with an interesting story line. Complex enough to keep you thinking but not impossible to give us hope. It was entertaining to watch the characters live during the interrogation!

Thank you for getting our brains working and our suspicious minds racing.


As part of the production we will be hosting live suspect interrogation sessions (via Zoom video conferencing). We hope you will join us and ask your questions, however for anyone who is not able to attend, or would prefer not to, a video of the sessions will be made available afterwards, so you will not miss a thing. If you would prefer not to attend the live interrogation session, please buy a recording only ticket.

By taking part in the live interrogation session you are giving your agreement to being recorded and having the session placed as an unlisted Youtube video for the period of one week.


1st Prize: £30 Amazon voucher (winner to be chosen at random from all correct who-dunnit entries received)


Written by Steve Clark and David Lovesy and adapted for the virtual world by Bridget Wilkinson

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Ticket type

Attend 7pm live interrogation, Attend 8pm live interrogation, Receive a recording of the interrogation