Allo Allo Tribute – 17th – 22nd August 2022, 5 day virtual murder mystery challenge


For lovers of the TV sitcom Allo Allo, a murder mystery tribute featuring all the familiar character and an added touch of murder. Can you solve the crime?



Virtual Comedy Murder Mystery

17th – 22nd August 2022

Live Suspect Interrogation on SUNDAY 21st August 2022

Welcome to a small cafe in wartime occupied France where Madame Edi is singing out of tune at the top of her voice. Her audience smile with encouragement as none of them can hear her, they all have cheese in their ears. No German officers are due in the cafe this evening, so everyone can relax. and enjoy the beaujolais.
But wait! what is this? Why is the Colonel rushing from the chateau with a valuable picture, hidden in a bratwurst sausage, which is itself hidden in a black forest gateau,? What is the true identity of the new barmaid, Tamara, and what lies in the letter left unseen on the cafe floor?
All will be revealed in this hilarious tribute to TV comedy Allo Allo.
Recommended for ages 12+

Video Footage
Private Facebook Event Group (optional)
Live interrogation of the suspects via Zoom (optional)

1. 1st Prize: £30 Amazon voucher (winner to be chosen at random from all correct who-dunnit entries received)
Tickets are £15 per household
Approximately 30 minutes per day, plus one hour interrogation on Sunday evening.
Play on any device at times of suit you.
At 6pm on Tuesday 16th August you will receive an email containing detailed instructions how to play.
Then at 12 O’Clock on Wednesday 17th, Thursday 18th and Friday 19th August you will receive an email from us containing video footage, evidence, clues and puzzles relating to the crime(s).
At a time convenient to you, watch the videos and considered the clues. You may choose to watch them everyday, or save them up until the weekend and binge watch!
On the evening of SUNDAY 21st August, you are invited to attend a live interrogation of the suspects via zoom.
With skillful questioning can you break the alibis, observe the tell tale body language of the liar(s) and reveal hidden clues?
Once the interrogation is over, you then have until 6.30pm on Monday 22nd August to submit your solution to be in with a chance to win a prize.
You can play on any device on which you can receive emails and watch Youtube videos. This could be your phone, ipad, laptop, computer etc.
It was a fabulous experience and immense fun! Highly recommendable!!
Engaging, witty and draws you in!
Excellent and interactive production. The challenge was fun and exciting.
Many thanks and congrats to the team for putting on a great experience.
Thank you for getting our brains working and our suspicious minds racing.
As part of the production we will be hosting live suspect interrogation sessions (via Zoom video conferencing). We hope you will join us and ask your questions, however for anyone who is not able to attend, or would prefer not to, a video of the sessions will be made available afterwards, so you will not miss a thing. If you would prefer not to attend the live interrogation session, please buy a recording only ticket.
This play is written by Bridget Wilkinson.

This mystery is a tribute to the TV sitcom ‘Allo ‘Allo. If you are unfamiliar with the TV programme, here is a little something from the original series. It is not essential to be familiar with the series in order to solve the crime, but this may get you in the mood.


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Attend live interrogation 7pm Sunday 21st August, Receive a recording of the live interrogation